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Aaron Bates, Founder of Toledo Solar, was featured in The Wall Street Journal on September 7, 2022.

Feature Summary: The Founder of Toledo Solar, Aaron Bates, was featured in The Wall Street Journal article titled, “U.S. Looks to Tap 1950s Law to Boost Clean Technology.” The article discusses the solar industry and others who may “benefit from provision in climate law that allots $500 million to Defense Production Act.” Aaron is featured in this piece as an expert voice, providing insights into how the solar industry would benefit from this provision. The article shared Aaron’s background, introducing him as the founder of Toledo Solar, “an Ohio-based thin solar panel manufacturer with about 50 workers.” Aaron is quoted directly in this article, explaining that even though there aren’t specific actions from Energy officials, the declarations show that the federal government understands how much the solar industry is growing. He shares, “In the solar industry, I don’t think the DPA had ever been thought of as something that would be beneficial or needed.” He also stated, “But I think the optimism is that it does provide some degree of sweeping momentum that can affect change.” The article ends with Aaron’s statement. 

Outlet Summary: The Wall Street Journal was founded in July 1889. Ever since the Journal has led the way in chronicling the rise of industries in America and around the world. In no other period of human history has the planet witnessed changes so dramatic or swift. The Journal has covered the births and deaths of tens of thousands of companies; the creation of new industries such as autos, aerospace, oil, and entertainment; two world wars and numerous other conflicts; profound advances in science and technology; revolutionary social movements; the rise of consumer economies in the U.S. and abroad; and the fitful march of globalization.

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