Our team has decades of knowledge developing solar power technology.  Toledo Solar is a values-driven solar power technology company dedicated in advancing solar power for the future.



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The Future for Automotive

TSI’s innovative transparent CdTe technology brings energy generation to Automotive Glass for the first time.  

  • Transparent to visible light – tunable from ~6% to 80% transparency. 
  • Proprietary methods that create the most powerful transparent solar glass in the world. 
  • Curved glass construction capabilities matching the curvature of the automobile design. 
  • DC voltage output integrates seamlessly into the onboard electrical systems with all components hidden within the design envelope.  
  • Sunroofs are already tinted; TSI technology puts glass tinting to work generating electricity while reducing solar heat load:
  • Power a circulating fan to cool the interior while parked, or
  • Charge the battery to improve the range of PHEV and EV, or
  • Access credits for on-board PV through new CAFÉ standards in the U.S., and to access eco-innovation credits for light vehicles in EU Regulation No. 443/2009

PV sunroof generates power while parked.

  • Semitransparent solar power generation enhances visibility and interior lighting while powering accessories and battery charging.
  • Variable Tinting from ~5%-50% transparency. 
  • CAFÉ credits and EU clean transportation credits.
  • 120Wp of power per m2 (per 10 sq.ft.)
  • Laminated or tempered glass.
  • Improves comfort.
  • Reduces solar glare on driver.
  • Reduces solar heating.
  • Power for electronics, battery charging, and AC.