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Editorial: Solar Veto Wrong

Toledo is ground zero for a Washington political battle over how to treat products from China.

President Biden vetoed House and Senate-passed legislation to reinstate tariffs on Chinese-made solar panels.

The bill passed with narrow majorities, including Rep. Marcy Kaptur, (D., Toledo) and Sen. Sherrod Brown, (D., Ohio), but it will take many more Democrats to meet the two-thirds majority to override Mr. Biden’s veto.

Ms. Kaptur and Mr. Brown bucked the Biden Administration in support of the Toledo-based U.S. solar power manufacturing firms, First Solar and Toledo Solar.

All of the Ohio Republicans in Congress voted to reinstate the solar tariffs and support Toledo manufacturing.

Mr. Brown told his Senate colleagues the issue “comes down to whose side you’re on: Do you stand with the workers of Ohio or do you stand with the Chinese Communist Party?”

Senator Brown and Representative Kaptur complain that Toledo’s solar manufacturers are forced to compete with Chinese products subsidized by the Communist government to keep the United States from gaining market share in the fast growth field.

President Biden believes Chinese-made solar panels are needed to meet the carbon reduction goals in his climate-change policy.

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