Solar Panels

Solar Panel

Toledo Solar sells aesthetically superior, frameless rooftop, and some ground mount, panels and systems, factory direct, to Certified Tier 1 installers. The company provides a reliable 30-year warranty and a complete recycling program. Toledo Solar panels are faster and easier to install. This means a reliably lower installation cost.

System Components

CdTe Solar modules have proven themselves over the last several decades as the most robust, powerful, longest lasting solar technology in the world.

BIPV Window

Toledo Solar has developed the base technology around BIPV (Building Integrative Photovoltaics) windows. The development of semi-transparent solar glass will allow markets that utilize traditional glass to incorporate an energy generation solution. This technology will hit emerging markets in the near future. 

The MOST Reliable Solar Panel Technology

Lifetime Bankability

Thin Film CdTe has the longest bankability in the PV industry at 25 years.

A Better Panel

Most reliable panels with our three step coating, etching, and backplate contact process

Spectral and Shading

Unlike Si, Thin Film CdTe generates electricity from dawn to dusk. Whether the sky is clear or not.


Thin Film CdTe electrical output does not suffer losses like Si in in warm climates.

Toledo Solar Offers

Thermal Coefficient

The power output of silicon panels drops significantly as the module is exposed to warm temperatures. CdTe panels are far less affected by heat.

Humidity Resistance

Toledo Solar panels are more efficient in humid climate

Spectral Efficiency

CdTe captures more sunlight silicon, giving it more total useable power output over the course of a day.


TS1-WS 115 Watt Datasheet

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