Environmental, Social, And Corporate Governance

Supply Chain Transparency

Toledo Solar provides the best supply chain transparency in the Solar Industry that is fully UL certified.  We are 100% compliant with the most rigorous ESG standards. Our panels are certifiably 100% Manufactured in America product, and not a product “Assembled in America”, and misleadingly marketed as Made in America.

Toledo Solar Disclosure

Toledo Solar only sources materials from North American and European suppliers who adhere to strict ESG standards.


Sourcing of Raw Materials

All the materials we use to produce our panels are sourced from North America and Europe. 

Labour Practices

Our team is entirely based at our factory outside of Toledo, Ohio.

Product Quality and Standards

We have always sourced our components from suppliers with strict ESG controls. 

Environmental Sustainability and Protection

Thin-film CdTe panels are 100% recycled in a special-purpose facility.