The CdTe Edge



  • Fastest Payback Period even without the ITC Tax Credit. 
  • CdTe Produces more energy per rated power
  • CdTe 100 times higher light absorption.
  • Lowest carbon footprint
  • Most eco efficient in the entire solar industry
  • Fastest energy payback period in the PV Industry

Silicon PV

  • Silicon PV cells are fragile, crack very easily and are subject to heat overload failure- even on cool days.
  • More than 90% of Silicon PV Solar cells are made in China.
  • Silicon PV semi-conductors are sensitive to mild heat, and are NOT well aligned with the Sun’s light spectrum.

The Silicon Problem

The average Silicon production cycle requires roughly 5 manufacturing plants and immense labor and energy. Silicon Modules are sensitive to heat, hail, and cell cracking.


Responsible Recycling

Thin-film CdTe panels are 100% recycled in a special-purpose facility, with over 90% of all materials being used, whereas silicon panels are mostly scrapped in local landfills, creating a major hazardous waste problem.

Environmentally Friendly

Silicon PV solar cells require 2.5 times more energy to produce and are not recycled. CdTe is 100% recycled on an end of life recycling program, and all modules are made from 99% recycled materials by weight.

Lifetime Durability

Toledo Solar's sleek black panels are manufactured using two sheets of high-strength tempered glass hermetically laminated in a frameless construction.
By contrast, silicon panels typically comprise many parts soldered together that are easily damaged by wind, hail, transport, installation and frequent cleaning in the field.

Production Efficiency

CdTe means less need for as many installed kW's than Silicon which equals the fastest Payback Period in the industry.