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Toledo Solar’s founder on the ‘untruths’ of American solar manufacturing

Toledo Solar founder and CEO Aaron Bates is featured in Episode 31 of the Factor This! podcast. Subscribe today wherever you get your podcasts.

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Aaron Bates loves a good comeback story.

His company, Toledo Solar, appears to be on track to scale its cadmium-telluride-based module manufacturing capacity to 2.3 GW by 2027, in part by taking advantage of new federal incentives.

The signs appear positive, but Toledo Solar’s story is akin to a Phoenix rising from the ashes; in this case rising from the solar industry’s crash of the early 2010s.

Bates makes no bones about the mistakes that that led to that crash, or the “untruths” that he now sees in the resurgence of American solar manufacturing.

Whether or not the American solar supply chain can share in Toledo Solar’s comeback story remains to be seen.

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