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Toledo Solar and Aaron Bates were featured on PV Magazine on September 9, 2022

Feature Summary: Toledo Solar and founder Aaron Bates were featured in a PV Magazine article titled, “Transparent solar glass to debut at RE+ in Anaheim.” The feature highlights Toledo Solar’s displaying innovative see-through solar glass in Anaheim. Aaron states, “We are excited to showcase our sustainable, accessible solar technology to the world’s most influential solar audience.” The article also mentions how Toledo Solar has been instrumental in the development of the Cadmium Telluride Accelerator Consortium, working towards making cost and efficiency improvements to make CdTe more competitive on the global market. Aaron states, “there are many reasons to support CdTe and US-made solar, including technological advantages, bankability, recyclability, supply chain stability, improved labor practices, and more.” The article finishes by explaining how CdTe manufacturing can increase America’s competitiveness, bolster domestic innovation, and support clean electricity deployment.

Outlet Summary: PV magazine is a monthly trade publication launched for the international photovoltaics (PV) community in the summer of 2008. The current print run, based on qualified circulation, is 34,201. With its independent, technology-focused reporting, PV magazine concentrates on covering the latest PV news, topical technological trends, and worldwide market developments.

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Full article can be found HERE.

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