What is Toledo Solar?

A NW, Ohio company that manufactures CdTe (pronounced “cad tell”) thin-film solar panels and systems, with a supply chain sourced exclusively from North America. Dedicated to helping the world achieve energy independence and self-sufficency with truly clean and renewable solar power.

Why Toledo Solar?

Toledo Solar has a Superior Return on Investment (ROI), ESG Profile, Economics for Installers, and Innovation. While it’s true that Silicon-based solar panels (PV-Si) from Asia are slightly less expensive to buy, the real truth is that they are far more expensive to own and still have a longer Payback Period.  


Three months after Willard & Kelsey opened in 2012, China Inc. launched a surprise economic attack on the world of solar manufacturing by lowering prices by 75% overnight. This move forced every non-Chinese solar factory in the world (most of them in Germany) to close their doors; including First Solar and Willard & Kelsey. The only factory in the world to re-open after China’s application of brute force economics was First Solar. Ten years later, Willard & Kelsey – now restructured, modernized, and renamed Toledo Solar. Our Mission

Why is CdTe Thin Film Better better than PV-si Today?

  • Full benefit of the 40% ITC tax credit
  • Faster Payback Period
  • More Power, Less Space required
  • Better Warranty
  • 100% Manufactured in the U.S.A.

The average Silicon production cycle requires roughly 5 manufacturing plants and immense labor and energy. Silicon Modules are sensitive to heat, hail, and cell cracking. The CdTe Edge.

What is the History of Toledo Solar?

The history of Toledo Solar began with a brilliant engineer, Harold McMaster, who invented CdTe Thin Film solar with our very own Dr. Al Compaan. This invention led to the formation of First Solar whose original founders pitched their “2nd better mousetrap idea”, of coating two panels at the same time vertically, to their childhood friend Jim Aphold. Mr. Aphold agreed to finance his friends’ idea where they then formed a company named Willard & Kelsey Our Story. 

How Does One Buy Toledo Solar Panels or Systems?

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